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The “Golden Mile” trade house provides a range of goods and services, aimed at providing and developing food industry enterprises and is the largest producer of fillings, dry mixes and improvers for bakery and confectionery products in Ukraine. We implement the wholesale of our own products, Ukrainian and imported raw materials and ingredients. Moreover we realize the retail sale within our own shop called “Pekar & Konditer”. Specialists of our Innovation center provide our clients with comprehensive support. The grain-cleaning complex offers cleaning and calibration services for various grains. Our logistics complex allows us to organize fast and high-quality delivery of loaded goods. Taking a stable position in the domestic market, we are actively developing the export direction of sales and approving our products in the markets of Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Belarus, Moldova, Greece, Germany, Holland, Czech Republic, Baltic countries. The company is a member of the Association of International Road Carriers. There is a customs control zone on our territory.

our mission, strategy and values

The mission of the "Golden Mile" trade house is to give people a delicious pleasure, filling their lifes with the primordial energy of Nature.
The strategy of the company is to achieve and consolidate the leadership position by consistently focusing on certain segments of the food industry: bakery, confectionery and milk industry. The main values of our company are:


We know the needs of our clients and find the best solutions for them


Our goal is quality work, efficient use of resources and high profitability


We are constantly developing, each of us is a leader who implements the values of the company

Тeam approach

We are different, but we are striving for a common goal and we share responsibility for the overall result


We are open, loyal and always fulfill our obligations

Social responsibility

We care about the environment, appreciate traditions and develop spirituality

our history

In different years, our company was led by many outstanding people: noblemen, patrons, merchants, honorary citizens of Kharkov, the mayor of the city, Decembrists and talented engineers. It is a great honor to have such predecessors. And despite the succession of changes, our company has always been proud of the quality of its products, as evidenced by gold medals and other awards of international exhibitions. This formed the motto of our company: "Traditions, Development, Harmony.”
After observing the age-old traditions of the development of production and trade, we are moving towards harmony in relations with people, business and the world.



Tatyana Shcherbinina’s factory was founded near the hamlet Zavodskiy. This factory was produced bricks, and the location of the factory was very suitable for this purpose. The factory mined sand and clay in the neighboring river Nemyshlya. It was a necessary raw material for producing bricks.

(The painting depicts Tatiana Shcherbinina).


In 1816 a horse market appeared on the square near the brick factory. In this market people were selling wool and horses. Therefore the square near the market was called Horse’s square. The name of this place still hasn’t been changed.

In 1822 Sloboda Nemyshlya has become a part of Kharkiv. This event led to the development of the city. Things at the Horse’s market went well, warehouses and inns were actively built around the square.gerb-byrdinyh

The development of the region drew retired captain Ilya Birdin’s attention. In 1829 he has built his own warehouse for wool on the Staro-Moscowskaya street. The warehouse, built by Ilya Birdin, still exists. Today the buildings are used as offices and warehouses of the Golden Mile Trade House.


(The painting on the left depicts Ilya Birdin, and the painting on the right depicts the Birdins’ family coat of arms).


The largest fairs in the east of the Russian Empire were held on the Horse’s square. Sheep’s wool was sold at those fairs.

Many entrepreneurs were fond of the production and sales of sheep’s wool at that time. That is why the rich merchant Kuzma Kuzin bought Shcherbinina’s brick factory for his wife Katerina.

(The painting depicts the Kuzins family).


Kuzma Kuzin founded the first joint stock company in the Kharkov province. It was the Kharkov joint stock company for the trade of wool. Kuzmin used the buildings and territory of Mrs. Katerina Kuzmina’s factory to create the company.

On the 8th of March 1838, the charter of the company was approved. On the 22nd of April members of the joint-stock company began selling shares. The first leaders of the company were Prince Golitsyn, Prince Korsakov and Kuzin.dram-teatr

Kuzin was the founder of merchant traditions in Kharkov. He was the mayor, but he resigned. He built 44 buildings in the city. These are the factory, the church and even the dramatic theater. Today it is the Kharkiv State Academic Theater named after Shevchenko.



(The left painting depicts Kuzma Kuzmin, and the right painting depicts the dramatic theater).

43Larionov, Lachinov and Kuzin became directors of the Kharkov joint stock company for the trade of wool. At that time the company became the leading enterprise of the Russian Empire in the field of wool trade The government has allowed to take the company’s shares as collateral to the obligations with the Treasury. Alexander Tsarevich became the patron of the company. The Royal Mint issued a special medal named “Kondratieff Prize”. This medal was awarded to the best partners of the company.


(On the picture on the left is Alexander Tsarevich, on the right – nobleman Evdokim Lachinov).


ОльховскийIn 1876 the brewer and merchant Oleksiy Olkhovsky bought a plot of land and storage space from Ilya Birdin. He built a two-storied beer-mixing plant on that spot. There were barracks for the employees of the plant, boiler room, office and malt-house near the plant. The factory was producing high-quality beer, which received international awards.

In 1878 Elizaveta Kowalska founded a secret circle. The participant of this circle, Petr Antonov, held the first strike against a twelve-hour working day and poor working conditions at the factory in 1879 .

In 19 century wool trade was falling into decay. That is why the Olkhovsky’s factory bought real estate and all the property of the Kharkiv Joint Stock Company. At that time the factory was producing guns, and army infantry was located in the barracks of the enterprise.

(The left painting depicts Elizaveta Kowalska, and the right painting depicts Olexiy Olkhovsky).

1917-31920Revolutions and wars led to the nationalization of the Olkhovsky’s factory in 1920.
In 1922 the enterprise began producing bakery yeasts.
In 1926-1927 the beer factory also turned into a yeast enterprise.


In 1937, the “Ukrainian New Bavaria” factory was reconstructed and equipped for the production of vinegar.

On 25th of August in 1943 Yakovenko became the head of the vinegar factory.

On 12th of April in 1944 an order about building of a yeast plant on the territory of the vinegar factory was signed.

In February of 1952 the production of bakery compressed yeasts was established.


30-07-2013-00730-07-2013-014Oleksandr Bandurka founded the “Golden Mile Trade House” company. He attracted former employees of the yeast plant to work and used the buildings of a former vinegar plant.

On the 25th of September the “Golden Mile Trade House” company was officially registered.


(The picture on the right depicts the symbol of our company, it’s a chimney sweep. The sign says that if you meet a chimney sweep on your way, you will become happy).



The “Golden Mile Trade House” company expands the portfolio of goods and services that are necessary for the provision and development of food industry enterprise:


In 2012 the line on bottling of sunflower oil was launched
In 2013 poppy filling production department was opened
In 2014 the Innovation Center of the Company started its work
In 2015 the “Golden Mile Trade House” company started producing fruit fillings
In 2015 the branch of retail trade “Pekar-Konditer” was opened
In 2016 the grain cleaning complex was launched
                                                                             In 2016 Patriarch Filaret visited the enterprise for the first time.
 zolotaya-milya-sklad     gm-4-proizvod3

On the 25th of September our company celebrated the tenth anniversary. During this time we have overcome our first golden mile on the way to our great goal.

  • In 2006 the “Golden Mile Trade House” company was founded. There are 152 employees in our team now.
  • In 2007 the company bought the first truck. Now the “Golden Mile Trade House” has already transported 730,000 tons of cargo.
  • In 2008 the company’s first warehouse was opened. And now the company’s warehouse occupies 2500 m2.
  • Since 2009 the “Golden Mile Trade House” has produced 11 000 tons of products.
  • Since 2013 the Innovation Center of the company trains employees, introduces new technologies in the own productions and provides comprehensive customer support.
  • In 2015 the branch of retail “ Pekar & Konditer” was opened. Now this division has 5100 satisfied customers.
  • We have exported 2 700 tons of products and raw materials.
  • We have imported 22,000 tons of raw materials.
  • We have established partnership relations with 19 countries of the world.
  • We have established partnerships with 670 wholesale customers in Ukraine.

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