Matnakash is a traditional Armenian bread, which baked as a thick oval crust. It is baked from different grinding wheat flour of in a special oven – tandoor. In Armenian “matnakash” is produced from the two words “mat” (translate as “a finger”) and “kashel” (translate as “to stretch”), so we can translate this word as “stretched fingers”.

GMTH technologists have developed a special dry mix which helps to create classic “matnakash” in industrial production conditions.


  • helps to make a thin crispy crust;
  • forms large-porous elastic structure of the pulp;
  • increases the volume of finished products;
  • prolongation of the products shelf life;
  • adds an incredibly pleasant taste and aroma.

Dosage: 8-10% of the flour mass

To widen the range of products – you can add fresh greens (mix of dill and parsley), various vegetables and hard cheese to the dough and cover the surface with brewed flour before baking.

These products are in greater demand recently. We can buy pita bread not only in national bakeries, but also in supermarket and in outlets of industrial manufacturers. “Matnakash” is especially popular among young people and is used as a “snack to go”.

To buy a dry mix “Matnakash” – contact our company here.

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