Onion Bread

Bread as a cornerstone – the basis of the culinary history of any nation and country – is both unchanging and the most changeable product on our table. Bakers have been improving, expanding, complementing recipes, creating new notes in taste. One of these masterpieces is onion bread, which has won the love of costumers around the world.

The team of the GMTH Innovation Center proposes its unique development for the preparation of such bread – the dry mix “Onion”.


  • composition
  • milk products
  • chopped freeze-dried onion
  • enzymes


  • sandwich bread
  • hamburger and hot dog rolls
  • baguettes
  • base for pizza


  • gives a unique aroma and rich taste
  • completely eliminates the need for additional onion processing/preparation
  • improves the structure of porosity and elasticity of the crumb
  • reduces pulp crumbling
  • increases the volume of finished products

Dosage: 8-10% of flour mass.

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