Fruit and berry fillings (homogeneous)

homogeneous fillings

Fillers based on fruit puree and pectin are quite thick and plastic.

• do not delaminate
• perfectly keep moisture
• do not change their structural properties during storage and baking
• do not caramelize
• hold their shape well
• suitable for mechanical dosing

• in open and closed products
• for filling and layering
• before and after baking

Final product:
• croissants
• gingerbread
• puffs
• cakes
• cupcakes
• muffins
• cookies
• buns
• rolls
• donuts
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Fruit and berry homogeneous fillings from the Golden Mile  Trade house TM are rather dense and plastic fillers made on the basis of fruit puree and pectin. They have a homogeneous structure, mild taste and delicate aroma. Homogeneous fillings will be an exquisite addition to croissants, gingerbread, puffs, cakes, cupcakes, muffins, cookies, rolls, donuts and more. Our homogeneous fillings can be used both for filling ready-made products and in products that will still undergo full heat treatment. They hold their shape perfectly, so they are suitable for use in both open and closed products. Suitable for mechanical dosing. Homogeneous fillers are made of high-quality raw materials, which undergoes multi-stage quality control by our specialists. You can buy homogeneous fillers in bulk at the Golden Mile Tradе House, our branches are located in Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv and Kropyvnytskyi. Our specialists will help you choose fillings that will be a great addition to your products, help to enter the correct recipes in production, as well as deliver orders to any part of Ukraine and the world.

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