Sourdough Durum Attivo

High-quality and active baking dry mix based on dry wheat sourdough, made with fermentation of pure lactic cultures bacteria and yeast. It provides wheat bread with a unique taste and a rich aroma and helps create crispy, rustic products.


  • allows to expand the range of products;
  • promotes the formation of a fragrant crispy crust;
  • allows to obtain the necessary crumb structure of products depending on the technological process;
  • without using yeast in the recipe;
  • optimizes technological processes during long dough preparation;
  • increases the volume of finished products;
  • prolongs the shelf life of products.


1-4% of flour mass. Dry mix is added with flour in the process of kneading the dough. The dosage depends on the baking type of flour and the type of products/


  • wheat bread
  • wheat-rye bread
  • baguette
  • baguette
  • panini
  • ciabatta
  • sandwich buns
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