Curd paste

Curd pastries and desserts are very popular among young sweet tooths and respectable gourmets. And no wonder! Exquisite taste with a light, barely noticeable sourness and pleasant filling texture make such products popular delicacies both among street food and large manufacturers’ brand stores. Curd paste by GMTH will be a real find for any bakery and confectionery production:

  • minimizes the technological process
  • ready for use
  • does not need additional raw materials
  • perfectly plastic
  • excellent taste and aroma

Try to use our curd filling for cooking:

  • pies,
  • cookies,
  • cakes,
  • puffs,
  • donuts,
  • cheesecakes,
  • cupcakes,
  • rolls,
  • braids,
  • cheesecakes,
  • creams,

and many other products – dream with us! And no one Ukrainian family will remain indifferent to your product!

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